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    Will the organization be doing gift wrapping at The Oaks in Thousand Oaks this year?
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    My son went into emergency spinal cord surgery to remove a tumor at 8 weeks old. We went to the ER because his legs stopped moving. He is still partially paralyzed in his legs and lower abs. He was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called primitive myxoid mesenchymal tumor of infancy. This cancer has only been reported in 20 cases worldwide and doesn’t have a known treatment plan. His treatment will be consisting of MRI’s, potential surgeries every eight weeks with the possibility of chemotherapy and radiation as well. My husband is in school and neither of us are able to work. Any financial assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    You can read more about our journey here:

    Thank you,

    Shelby Brimley
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    Hi, I am seeking housing and living expenses as well as medical costs to help my mother and father ASAP. My mother and father and I were renting a couple of rooms out of a house that burnt down in the recent woolsey fire and we lost everything and my mom and dad are both terminally ill. My mother has leukemia as well as emphysema and my dad has stage 4 colon cance r that has spread to all of his major organs. We have absolutely nothing and my meager wages are not able to support all of us and my parents are way too sick to work and what they make in disability barely gets them through the month for food and some of their medication. If there’s anything at all anyone can do it would be the greatest miracle we could ever recirve. Thank you so much.

    Ps we are homeless and we need shelter as to let them be able to be taken care of

    And rest so their bodies can fight as much of their diseases as possible.
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    Looking for any assistance for me and my family and 3 kids.
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    Hi! I was diagnosed with stage 3 ER=/HER+ breast cancer on July 17,2017. I had to quit working in September to begin treatment and my social security still hasn’t been approved. Any assistance would help! Thank you!
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    Hi my name is Brooke and I am a single mother of 3 . I have a 1 month old , 17 month old and four year old. My 17 month old son was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma . He is currently receiving treatment at CHLA. I am currently in the process of getting on disability so financially this has been hard on me. I was wondering if there were any financial assistance help or if I could be provided with referrals to organizations that do provide financial assistance. Thank you so much
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    can you send me the link for the speed dating & auction this month, saw a flyer at coffee bean
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    I want to extend free space on our expo floor to you and your nonprofit.

    It’s a great opportunity to connect with the 400 or so attendees from across our regional community that spans across Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Los Angeles counties.

    Many are potential donors or partners as they are high net worth individuals and business owners.

    You can use this code for a 100% discount: nonprofit100

    You can learn more about the event here:



    President & Director of Experience

    805 Startups

    (818) 645-7673
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    I’m 27 I was just diagnosed with triple negative metastatic breast cancer and it’s in surroundings lympnodes already and second opinion Dr said lymphoma? My Dr here in town isn’t helpful or kind it took 4 months of chemo to get antinausea meds . Went to second opinion Dr it went well I feel like I need to go there for treatment and surgery etc. Single mom of 3y/o and 8y/o I have no family but my mommy and maybe 2 friends around . I have barley any income . No social worker . I need help with gas too and from Dr ,bills,and lodging most of the times when I travel down to new Dr.
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    To whom it may concern,

    My name is Katie Gardner and I am working to complete my doctorate in Health Science at A.T. Still University. I am currently conducting research to examine patient insights about cancer clinical trials. I am starting to collect data for this research, with the goal to evaluate the factors that influence a person’s decision to participate in a cancer clinical study. I will be conducting this research by asking people to participate in a short survey that will take approximately 20 minutes or less. This research study has been reviewed by A.T. Still University’s IRB and deemed exempt from IRB review as the data collected will not be associated to identifiable patient information and is of minimal risk for participants. If there are any means to raise awareness for my research within your organization, I would love to learn more.

    All the best,

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    Dental would be amazing, my eyes with glasses , over the top. Chemo tears both these down yet there’s no assistance.
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    I’ve heard that you can offer advice on how to protect your teeth through chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Can you share? I have breast cancer, and am going through chemo (Paclitaxol now, soon to be doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide). This is my second occurrence; first one was 5 years ago with no noticeable damage to my teeth then, but I’d like to prevent damage if possible
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    I am trying to find out about help with my teeth. I have delta dental but does not cover what I need done. I have always had good teeth but after all the chemo and radiation that I have had over the years it has finally affected my teeth. It seems like each day another piece of tooth falls out. Please
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    My son Kyle is 30 and was diagnosed w bladder cancer in November noticed blood in his urine. Two reactions and biopsies later they said it had not made it to the muscle. 3 bcg treatments later he started having serious back pain saint Joes said something went wrong second scan was misread and cancer metastasized to his sacral joint and tail bone. We are terrified and livid. He has completed 5 rounds of radiation and is still in pain. We discuss chemo Wednesday. They have not mentioned staged just said aggressive. My son has never been sick has his whole life ahead of him. I feel like the doctors are to busy cya to help my son it seems very moment that passes is an opportunity lost. God help us we gave no advocate and I am feeling as if they are hiding something from us. We are devistated
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